when there’s nothing much to do

@ElleMcLemore: 10 shows straight without a day off and glad to report: I made it through w/o completely losing my mind! Operative word being “completely.”

7: A female character in a children’s show - Katherine Plumber. (Arguably not from a children’s show, but I wanted to get her in here somehow).

I suppose one could call it “A Gentleman’s Guide to Murder” or should I say “Love and Murder”?

i t  i s   t h e  m u s i c  o f  a  p e o p l e
w h o  w i l l  n o t  b e  s l a v e s  a g a i n.

Jessie Mueller aka “JMo” (x)

english was english you know, and apparently taking uni classes in your home town means taking them with people you already know

Musical Theatre Female Character Meme (Day 5)

→ a female platonic relationship: glinda and elphaba in wicked

Daae Days: Backstage at The Phantom of the Opera with Sierra Boggess, Episode 1.