Newsboys 2011-2014
Photography by Caitlin McNaney

Anonymous whispered: birdlaces has a heart of gold and makes the most gorgeous edits!!!

Into the Woods (2014)

@LauraOsnes Remember when we were on @ENews, I almost hurt u, broke my ankle, whistled for dogs w/ my voice & spoke Spanish #MeGustaBroadway (x)

I made cookie dough last week so I could bake cookies fast when I needed them. But, I basically ate all the cookie dough before any actual cookies could be made #oops

"Treacherous" - Jennifer Damiano + Blake Daniel

A Taylor Swift Love Story

Happy birthday, Savannah Stevenson!

I never really fell into any [high school cliques]. I was kind of a loner and stayed on the outskirts in order to try and avoid labels. Ultimately I think it just made me seem anti-social. Whoops.